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Architects and Landscape Architects work seamlessly with Coastal Design Concepts as their recreational design outsource.  Our team’s role is defined by the design goals of the overall project.  Coastal Design Concepts maintains and supports the project architects in developing a recreational design plan and product specification listing of updated products within the industry.  Our initial plan will:

  • Incorporate design objectives from the project architects and owners
  • Assist with Budget Planning
  • Define a recreational plan that meets overall design plans
  • Insure Products meet Specifications
  • Provide Multi-View Drawings
  • Provide a Product listing 

Coastal Design Concepts objectives are to provide products that will meet the longevity requirements of the client.  Over the years Coastal Design Concepts has viewed numerous fabricating and manufacturing firms both national and international.  We have high expectations of a product’s performance and know how products may look the same, but perform very differently.  Coastal Design Concepts insures that the correct choices are made and avoid the mistakes that so many planners / owners make in not having the 22 years of industry expertise.  We further evaluate and plan for:

  • Consumer Product Safety Commissions Guidelines (CPSC)
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • The Safe Child Campaign Design Elements
  • ASTM Standards
  • Child Security and Safety Concerns
  • Robust product specifications

Coastal Design Concepts has completed numerous projects across the nation and will be an important part of your creative design team in producing a signature project.  We welcome a role with your next project.