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Coastal Design Concepts takes the complicated planning, design and product selection out of the equation.  Home Owners Association Board of Directors and Property Management Firms can have the confidence that they will have one of the only national recreational safety planning design firms working on their project and saving the homeowners money.  Based on the budgetary needs we will:

  1. Perform an initial Site Assessment
  2. Begin to make our initial recommendations on “The Collective Safe Play Environment”
  3. Product Suggestions

We work seamlessly in the planning of the Play Environment with committees or board members and create a planned Play Environment Presentations for the Board of Directors to evaluate, comment and approve.


Once approved, there are three roles in which our firm can assist with your project.  Most recreational projects have considerable more elements going on than only installing a play unit.  Associations have to contend with the Planning, Specifications, Product Selection, Drawings, Consumer Product Safety Commission Guidelines (Law in California), ASTM Standards, Board Approval Process, and Execution.  We may be of best service to you in one of the following capacities: 


1)     Consultative Design Role at an hourly rate to assist in recreational design, safety, specifications and planning but not including project management.  This service is best utilized when you have different suppliers you may want to work with, but don’t know how uniformly they will work together and meet current Consumer Product Safety Commission Guidelines (Law in California) and ASTM Standards.   Also, you currently have a general contractor and would like them to Project Manage the recreational scope of work.  




2)     Provide Project Management Planning and Contract Execution.  We usually are able to have a net savings to clients at a rate of 15%, than if they were completing the project themselves.  With our more than 22 years experience and relationships with manufacturers, installation crews, and product sourcing, you obtain deep discount factory direct pricing without over paying. 




3)     Contract for specific Product.  You may purchase Play Equipment, Surfacing and Site Amenities from our company.

Scope of Work will include:

  • Defining a Budget
  • Site Planning Needs and Considerations
  • Creativity in Design
  • Play Functionality for the Community
  • Educational Features
  • Play Equipment Recommendations
  • Specification Evaluation and Finalization
  • Landscape Review “Safe” for Children’s ingress and egress
  • Child Security and Safety Concerns
  • Site Furnishings / Elements
  • Playground Safety Surfacing
  • Play Use Zones
  • ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Compliance
  • Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) (Law in California)
  • ASTM Standards

In the post-planning stage, Coastal Design Concepts continues to see the execution of the project through.  We closely monitor the progression and assist in any additional final details necessary to have a timely on budget and successful installation.