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Litigation is never a fun experience, but unfortunately sometimes a necessary function of today’s society to seek justice and alert to a serious problem that needs correcting.  Coastal Design Concepts is the leading expert opinion writing firm in the industry of recreational and playground safety.  Our clients are Attorneys, Insurance Companies, Municipalities, Schools, Parks & Recreations, and Child Recreational Accident Victims.  Coastal Design Concepts has worked for both the plaintiff and defendants on numerous cases to secure the facts.  Our primary concentration has been Child Injury Cases and Contract Disputes between Municipalities or School and Contractor or Manufacturer.


Working directly with legal counsel, our firm will begin our investigation and document site deficiencies based on the direction of the legal team and our 22 years of expertise.  We prepare our notes and final opinion in order to prepare for EBT (Examination Before Trial).


In preparing for trial we encourage the use of visuals to aid in the understanding and cross-examination process in court.  We are clear and concise so that jurors are able to understand the facts leading up to the time of the injury.


Investigations we typically conduct:


  • Review of case files
  • Site Maintenance Records Review
  • Prior Accident Reports Review
  • Review Manufacturer’s Specifications
  • Installation Specifications
  • Product Comparisons
  • Witness Interviews
  • Manufacturer Interviews
  • Site Inspections
    • Photos of the site
    • Measurements on Site
      • Equipment
      • Installation Placement
      • Safety Surfacing Depth
  • Protective Ground Surfacing
    • Type
    • Quality
    • Condition
  • Site Samples for Testing
  • ASTM Standards
  • Consumer Product Safety Commission Guidelines (CPSC)