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Schools face increasing challenges in designing exciting recreational areas, continued maintenance and monitoring with todays budget cuts.  Coastal Design Concepts understands these challenges and has created solutions that will assist a school in several roles.


Coastal Design Concepts collaborates with school officials in the planning stages of the project.  We are part of the “Collective Safe Play Environment” Team that provides more than 22 years experience in managing the seamless integration of numerous elements such as:

  • Site Planning
  • Creativity in Design
  • Play Functionality
  • Educational Features
  • Play Equipment Recommendations
  • Specification Evaluation and Finalization
  • Landscape Review “Safe” for Children’s ingress and egress
  • Child Security and Safety Concerns
  • Site Furnishings / Elements
  • Playground Safety Surfacing
  • Play Use Zones
  • ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Compliance

We work seamlessly with your designers, architects, landscape architects, construction and project management teams.


In the post-planning stage, Coastal Design Concepts continues to see the execution of the project through.  We closely monitor the progression and assist in any additional final details necessary to have a timely on budget and successful installation.


Upon completion, Coastal Design Concepts continues to offer a wide variety of services as a resource.  Often we see that School Districts begin to lose sight of their project.  Over time a host of maintenance, safety, liability and litigation issues arise costing tens, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. 


We can help mitigate this through:

  • Continued Inspections
  • Maintenance Requests and follow-up
  • Record Keeping
  • Accident Investigations
  • Independent Expert Testimony
  • Critical Fall Height Testing

Our goal is Child Safety through Proactive Results Management, continuous vigilance and meeting future compliance concerns to effectively limit liability due to negligence.