Rubber Mulch

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Indestructible, Worry-Free Rubber Mulch for Gardens and Playgrounds


Rubber mulch is the answer for landscapers and property owners  who have been using traditional mulch but don’t like the cost and work  involved. Low-cost and high performance, Rubber Mulch is an eco-friendly  improvement over other landscaping materials such as bark or gravel.


Rubber mulch from Let’s Play Recreation is made from clean,  recycled rubber tires and comes in several vibrant colors that won’t fade. It’s heavier than other types of mulch, so it won’t wash away in the rain or blow away in the wind. No more adding mulch year after year, either, because our rubber mulch doesn’t decompose. It’s virtually indestructible. That means less work and lower expense, but a great looking landscape!


Used in playgrounds, rubber mulch gives way like natural dirt, looks like bark mulch and protects your children like a soft mattress. With Microban Anti Microbial protection and non-staining colors, it is safe for your child’s play areas.


Rubber Mulch Helps Retain Ground Moisture

And rubber mulch is not only attractive –it helps the soil retain moisture. You can also add it anywhere you want a protective layer of ground cover – planting beds, borders, even areas where children play. If bugs are a problem, don’t worry. Non-toxic Rubber Mulch won’t attract insects such as termites the way wood-based mulches do.


As with all our surfaces, we guarantee installation of Rubber Mulch for five years. Contact Let’s Play Recreation for more information about the colors, uses and how to order some for your yard, playground, or garden area.