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Schools Cutting Recess

Recess has always been a time for students to relax and enjoy free time with their classmates. Similarly, physical education classes have provided children with countless hours of physical entertainment and taught students the principles of a healthy lifestyle. Sadly, many schools across the United States have cut recess from their curricula. Some students don’t even get a break throughout their day. Learn more about the importance of recess and physical education in schools to see how cutting recess from a child’s school schedule can be detrimental in the long run.

The struggle for schools to find a balance between classroom time and physical activity continues. This article examines the drawbacks to cutting time for physical activity.

A discussion of the alarming rates at which recess is being removed from schools delves into why this is detrimental to students.

This article discusses how many U.S. schools that used to have time dedicated to physical activities are using that time in the classroom instead.

This NPR piece showcases the importance of physical activity in a child’s day and how some schools are fighting to maintain this time as a staple in a child’s education.

A study done by Stanford shows the profound importance physical activity has in a child’s school day.

A group of pediatricians discuss how recess allows children to decompress and develop into healthy young adults.

This article discusses how recess can help children in and out of the classroom as well as the number of health benefits it provides them.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends recess and strongly urges parents to fight for schools to maintain recess as part of a child’s day in this article about having recess removed from the curriculum.

Learn about how Florida school districts cut back on play time and focused more on studying and standardized testing in this article.

The American Academy of Pediatrics and parents agree that recess is an integral part of a child’s education.

New Jersey lawmakers have fought to bring recess back and make it a mandatory part of a child’s education.

This article discusses the many ways in which children benefit from having play time incorporated into their day and the problems that await if this time is removed.

This Washington Post article explores the link between decreased playtime for preschoolers and the rise in sensory issues.

CNN explains why children need physical activity throughout their day.

An article examines the question of whether or not recess is simply a tradition or a necessary part of a child’s education.

The CDC looks at what removing recess really does to children.

This article discusses whether or not fit and active children perform better in academics.

Take an in-depth look at recess and gym classes in U.S. public schools.

Research gives an answer to the question, “Is recess the most important part of a child’s day?”

PBS takes a look at how many schools think taking “brain breaks” helps boost a child’s productivity.

An infographic shows how budget cuts in schools have harmed physical education.

A study looks at the physical and mental benefits of recess and physical education within the school system.

Even older students could benefit from having free time during the day.

Occupational therapists are encouraged to take an active role in supporting recess in schools.

Learn about the benefits of physical education in schools here.

Parents reveal their worries about inadequate physical education.

Research has shown that children need downtime during the school day to process the information they have been taught.

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