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  • Capacity: 38 Children
  • Dimensions: 23' x 17' Dimensions
  • Use Zone: 35' x 29' Use Zone
  • Series: Commercial Playgrounds
  • Adventure (Standard Posts)



If you are searching for an interactive, panel heavy structure that is also accompanied by several physical and active play features, this is the perfect structure for your children aged 2-12 years. The kitchen panel provides a dramatic play experience encouraging children to play with others and use their imaginations. Pretend play is an important part of play time. To top it off, this structure includes a sign language panel as well as a tic-tac-toe panel to promote that tactile, hands-on learning experience for all children. The total size of this structure is 23 feet by 17 feet, accommodating up to 28 children and requiring a use zone of 35 feet by 29 feet. As an added benefit, you can choose which color scheme works best for your facility.


The PS3-31089 provides an interactive, panel heavy experience with several climbers that additionally promote physical and active play. The panels in this structure are mainly panels aimed at promoting a hands-on, educational experience for all. For example, the kitchen panel gives children a dramatic play aspect that encourages the use of their imaginations as well as helps them include others.


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