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  • Age Group: 2-12 Years
  • Capacity: 35-40
  • Structure Size: 47' x 16'
  • Use Zone: 59' x 28'
  • Fall Height: 6'
  • ADA: Yes



Inspire energetic play time with all that PS3-33461-2 has to offer. Capable of providing 40 children, ages 2-12 years with some of the most creative and hands on experiences that promote physical and social play, this commercial playground structure comes with years of enjoyment. Some features of this structure include talk tubes that facilitate conversations, a below deck bench for moments of relaxation, a butterfly panel, tire climber, double bed way slide to see who can go down the slide fastest, and more! The starburst panel invites children into the structure and is sure to have them bursting with excitement as soon as they step foot on the decks. In addition to these fun features, the PS3-33461-2 offers four separate square shingle roofs so the decks will remain protected from the sun's harmful uv rays.


A PS3-33461-2 is a commercial playground structure that will be sure to inspire energetic play time with all of its features. Children will stay safe while partaking in hours of healthy, competitive, and physical play on the structure. One of the first components that children race to on this structure is the double bed way slide, but with the education climber, the chain link climber, or tire climber, they will be accessing plenty of the structure's other components just to get to the slide! The ADA transfer station makes sure every child can access the structure and enjoy it.


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