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  • Capacity: 42 Children
  • Dimensions: 25' x 23' Dimensions
  • Use Zone: 37' x 35' Use Zone
  • Dimensions Width: 5' W
  • Series: Commercial Playgrounds 
  • Expedition (Large Posts)


The main focal point of this commercial playground structure is the unique dueling eclipse shade that makes the playground aesthetically pleasing and also serves as a way to invite children to play! Just to name a few of the features, the structure is set with a vertical square delta climber, a deep rung climber, and various panels. The panels low to the ground make it easy for children of all abilities to access the playground's features. The age ranges from 2-12 allowing for a total of 42 to play. The overall size of the structure is 25 feet by 23 feet requiring a use zone of 37 feet by 35 feet.


The dueling eclipse shade paired with the vertical square delta climber makes this playground aesthetically pleasing for all. This commercial playground structure not only has the look, but with several panels and slides, the PS5-70148 also has the feel that all children want! To achieve this modern, fun look, purchase a PS5-70148 structure for your facility today!


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