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Child Safety

The Collective Safe Child Campaign

It's important to have many available design elements present for an interactive, fun, and safe play environment. However, do all of these different products work well together from a safety stance? 


At Coastal Design Concepts, we evaluate specifications, manufactured products physical properties and how well they may interact with other components.  We support the design process in collaboration with owners, architects, and engineers to create a "Collective Safe Environment.


Our children deserve the best and should want to continue to utilize these settings for continuous play and education.  It is unfortunate that in most areas around the United States do NOT subscribe to the "Collective Safe Play Environment."


Coastal Design Concepts is committed to safety.  Let us be part of your team!




Safe Play Area

Achieve Your Goals

Whether it's a private home or public park, a safe but simultaneously fun playground design is the key to a successful project.


This all-important balance marks a successful project from one that falls short of what quality playgrounds are supposed to be. Developing a cohesive playground that not only makes kids excited and happy to be there but also places a high priority on keeping them safe should be a playground designer's guiding philosophy. 

Gmax | HIC Testing & Specifications

Playground Certification

Safety Assured 

We know it's vital to not only selecting the correct company to complete your project but understanding the specifications and making the right product section is necessary for product lifecycle and child safety.  


Independent laboratory testing of product materials is sometimes necessary.  At COASTAL DESIGN CONCEPTS, we understand the need for material testing and test examination post-installation.  Ensuring the playground equipment meets specifications, correct components and installed correctly.  Testing provides the product shall meet its duty life-cycle.  We recommend GMax & HIC testing are the best way to gauge the effectiveness of a product and should be a standard practice by municipalities, parks, and schools by an independent testing laboratory.



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