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5-12 Age Playgrounds

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Ages 5-12 Years

Elementary School Playground Equipment


Durability and safety are two essential features of our elementary playground equipment. This equipment, made by leading playground manufacturers, can keep the kids engaged for hours. Our elementary school playground equipment is pure fun for young kids. When elementary school kids play on the playground, they are improving their heart health and benefitting in many other ways from physical activity. But what is it that kids like about our elementary school playground equipment? Consider a few reasons why elementary school kids like to play on our products.

Our Slides


We have a variety of slides in our online selection of play structures. We have structures with traditional slides as well as curved slides. Kids on elementary school playgrounds can build their confidence by trying an unfamiliar slide. Chances are good that the most unusual slide on the playground will become a favorite with the kids!



Several pieces of our commercial elementary playground equipment offer kids the chance to climb! Kids can reach up to climb a net, an arch, a wall, or a ladder. Many kids like the climbing challenges incorporated into the design of our play structures.

Great for Games


Elementary school kids are experts at organizing games to play with friends on the playground. Our safe play structures help to make these games all the more enjoyable. For instance, in a game of hide and seek, kids can hide beneath platforms, inside castles, and under slides so they don’t get caught by the person who is “it.” Also, kids playing a game of tag can run beneath the platforms and bridges of our structures as well as around the slides to stay clear of the person chasing them. One of our play structures makes an excellent “home base” in a game of freeze tag.

Colorful Structures


Schools, organizations, and others who contact us for a quote on a play structure for elementary school kids can choose from a selection of colorful designs for sale. Kids are attracted to the bright primary colors of our play equipment. We are glad to answer questions about our structures for elementary school playgrounds and offer several convenient shipping and delivery options. Contact us today to learn more or place your order!

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