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Climbers & Overhead Ladders

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Play Climbers and Overhead Bars

For commercial playground climbing components, consider Coastal Design Concepts's Playgrounds line of children’s play climbers that can attach to new and existing play structures. Our climbing elements are varied in style and challenge level to suit the needs of facility managers and the age groups of their children. Choose from our steel climbers like the Bubble Ladder, Cargo Net, Clover, Coil, Man Hole, Half Moon, Deep Rung Arch, Ring Climber, and more. Contact us to get started!

Playground climbers are the perfect physical play activity and can be incorporated into your play structure as a component or as freestanding elements. You'll be able to keep children engaged longer by adding climbers to your play space.


Our collection includes climbing events that are safe for toddlers to ones that are more challenging for school-age children. As children conquer each climber, they develop confidence, coordination, and full-body strength. What's more, our climbers are designed to be safe and built to last in order to provide fun for years to come.

There's no better playground classic than the monkey bars. We at Coastal Design Concepts offer a wide variety of overhead bars that can be incorporated into your play structure or as a freestanding element in your play area. Our playground bars are available in four different configurations so you can select the design that best fits your space. Choose from straight, zig-zag, 90 degrees, and wavy.

Benefits of Monkey Bars


Not only are overhead bars fun, but they're also great for helping children get active and develop growing muscles. As they make their way across the playground bars, children will improve their hand-eye coordination while building upper body strength. With each turn across the overhead bars, they'll also develop confidence from successfully making it across.

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