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Recycled Playgrounds

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Recycled Playground Equipment

Are you looking for a natural-looking playground? Our commercial recycled playgrounds could be just what you’re looking for. The decks, posts, and barriers on our recycled play equipment are 100 percent recycled from post-consumer plastic products like milk jugs. These recycled playground components are reinforced with fiberglass elements for even greater strength that prevents deterioration like what you’d expect from a traditional wood playground. These playgrounds may look and feel exactly like wood but they don’t come with all unwanted maintenance! They're protected from corrosion, rotting, and cracking while also resistant to salt spray, termites, oil, and fungus.


Our recycled playground decks and posts are available in three different colors: cedar, dark brown, and gray (at an upcharge). We offer recycled play structures for children of all ages, with or without theming, and with accessible ramps. Browse our eco-friendly playgrounds below or contact us to create a custom recycled play structure!

So what exactly do we mean by a recycled playground?


The structural components of our recycled playgrounds are made from reclaimed post-consumer plastic products such as milk jugs, other beverage containers, plastic bags, and many other everyday objects you probably have in your own home. Every pound of recycled plastic lumber equates to 8 recycled milk containers. Once these reclaimed post-consumer plastic products are cleaned, they are transformed and extruded into the lumber posts and boards seen on our recycled (or what we call R3) structures. These unique posts and boards have the look and feel of wood without the unwanted maintenance. With this, a fun experience is achieved without the heavy demand on our environment.

These commercial recycled playgrounds are an ideal option for nature play areas, as well as coastal environments. They feature 6” posts, utilize 42” decks, and can have a deck height of up to 8’. We offer our recycled playgrounds for ages 6 months to 12 years. These structures are popular choices for church playgrounds and HOA playgrounds as they easily blend into existing environments and are made to last.

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