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Covered Sandboxes

Sandboxes are a classic playground toy that children of all ages have grown to love for generations. A kids’ sandbox with a cover provides an area for children to explore and utilize their imaginations to create something from nothing! Sand is a truly versatile medium that can be used to create the tallest of castles or the funniest of shapes. By including covered sandboxes into the layout of your commercial or residential playground, you promote a positive social environment in which children can socialize and make friends. has some of the most innovative designs in covered sandboxes for sale. The sandboxes we offer are the optimal size for several small children to play in. Our standard-model sandboxes also come equipped with seating on each corner, allowing for more space in the sandbox where children can play! All of the sandboxes we offer are durable and made of high-quality, commercial-grade plastic material. This solid plastic is infused with UV stabilizers that help protect children from dangerous UV rays that beat down from the sun. The covers that come with our sandboxes are made of a heavy-duty material that is sewn to fit perfectly over the top of each sandbox. These covers act as a barrier between the sand and the elements, helping to maintain the dryness and cleanliness of the sand when the sandbox is not in use.

Any child sandbox with a cover that you purchase from is backed by our safety and quality guarantee. We ensure that each order sent out to our customers comes complete with all of the necessary parts for a proper installation and guarantee our sandboxes will provide children with a safe and enjoyable area for play. Our staff is always happy to assist our customers in any way that we can, and we stand by the quality that our family-owned business has provided our customers for years.

Whether you are looking to include a sandbox on a school playground, on the landscape of a local park, or even in your own backyard, offers sandboxes large and small, in standard and exciting styles. From Sand Tables to Sandbox Cars and Sand Snack Shops, you can find any kind of kids’ sandbox with a cover you are looking for at Children are invited to explore their imaginations within these sandbox creations, expanding their creativity, all while enjoying safe and friendly play.

If you are building or designing a commercial play space for children, look no further than We carry only the best equipment for all of your commercial or residential playground needs. Call us today to speak with a qualified professional about your upcoming playground project, or simply buy online now and have a child sandbox with a cover delivered right to your location. All of our products are backed by our quality guarantee, and we are happy to assist customers with any problem that might arise whatsoever. Find a sandbox that is right for your playground and watch children’s minds soar to new levels of creativity and imagination!

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