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Get Outside and Play for Fun and Fitness

In past generations children spent more time outdoors playing when the weather was good. In fact, in the past, children even spent time outdoors when the weather was not the greatest. It was these kids that spent hours outside playing games, exploring and having fun for as long as the sun stayed out. These kids only came inside for bad weather, meal time and sleep.​Unfortunately, as time went by kids have found other activities to keep them occupied in bad and good weather. With distractions from the computer, video games, television, smartphones and a number of other new technology, kids are not getting outside to play and exercise nearly as much as kids of the past. This has created a big problem with obesity in children and not being physically fit. These are elements which could lead to health problems later in life if not corrected.​So, what’s a parent to do? The solution is simple – look for ways to get kids away from technology and outside in the fresh air! While it is a simple idea, it can be difficult to convince your children to go outside and play and step away from games and other fun inside activities. However, it is something that will benefit them for the rest of their lives, and they may even have a little fun in the process!​We have put together this helpful information to help parents get kids out of the house and in to the playground. Below please find some useful information on why it is important to get kids active and other tips and advice. We hope this helps you get your kids to become more active, and in the process on the path to a lifetime of health.

  1. Children’s Fitness Level in Decline

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