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Our Kite Sail uses a four posted frame featuring a canopy tensioned in a hyperbolic style with one column significantly taller than the others. For northern customers and customers in coastal areas, we recommend utilizing smaller canopy sizes to allow for easier installation/removal/tensioning of the canopy to give you the ability to remove your canopy should the need arise. The Kite Sail usually finds use with customers who intend to use the sail canopy in relation to the sun to maximize shade and enjoy its slanted hyperbolic canopy style.


Quick Highlights:

  • 8 ft., 10 ft., 12 ft. Entry Heights
  • Surface or In-Ground Mount
  • With or Without Glide Elbow™
  • Traditional Shade Fabric



Type: Hip

Shape: Triangle

Standard Wind Loads w/ Fabric: 93 MPH

Standard Wind Loads w/o Fabric: 150 MPH

Glide Elbow 8'

Entry Heights: 10' Entry Height

Canopy Size Width: 12'

Mount Type: Surface Mount

Mount Type: In-ground Mount

Kite Hip Sail

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