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  • Capacity: 84 Children
  • Dimensions: 25' x 65' Dimensions
  • Series: Commercial Playgrounds 
  • Expedition (Large Posts)



PS5-33087-3 is an eye catching structure so visually appealing that it will have kids excited to play on it. This is a large structure that has a wide variety of elements that will both challenge and entertain children ranging from ages 5-12 years old. One end of the structure offers double levels which will peak the curiosity of your children and drive them to explore what's above and below them. In addition to the various components that make up this structure, there is also an ADA accessible ramp inviting children of all abilities to engage in the structure. The size of this commercial playground is 25 feet by 65 feet with a 37 feet by 77 feet use zone and a length of 9 feet. A total of 84 children can play at once!


This, visually appealing, eye catching unit is sure to have kids wanting to play on the structure! The complex look will have children climbing up the net climbers and by the overhead ladder, touching and moving parts on the play panels, and sliding down the slides until the day is done!


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