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As a playground structure aimed at giving infants ages 6-23 months a playful experience, this structure naturally contributes to infant's growing muscles and high curiosity while giving caregivers peace of mind with the safety of the structure. The PS5-70153 features a tic-tac-toe panel, a straight crawl tunnel, a steering wheel for a hands-on experience, and a crawl thru panel. In addition to these features is a shade to protect the infants from the sun's harmful UV rays and is available in a range of different colors. This structure is also available without a shade (PS5-70153-1).


Quick Highlights:

  • Age Group: 6-23 Months
  • Capacity: 10
  • Structure Size: 12' x 4'
  • Use Zone: 24' x 16'
  • Fall Height: 3'
  • Est. Timber Count: 18


Product Resources:

General Product Specifications

Downloadable CAD & 3D Files

Playground Color Options

Playground Warranty



Capacity: 10 Children

Dimensions: 12' x 4'

Use Zone: 24' x 16'

Dimensions Width: 3' W

Series: Commercial Playgrounds: Expedition (Large Posts)


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