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Commercial Shade Structures & Canopies

Staying protected just got a whole lot cooler. Come to Coastal Design Concepts for a full line of industry-leading, top-quality standard and custom shade structures that can protect nearly any outdoor recreation location. We’re an outdoor recreation manufacturer offering everything from large, cantilever shade solutions to smaller canopy designs.

Because of our commitment to enrich communities and protect people as they play, relax, and live, we offer a wide range of hips, crescents, cantilever shades, sails, and canopies. All of these commercial shades are designed to deliver creative solutions and unique style, while also protecting you from the sun's harmful UV rays. These structures are gaining popularity to provide shade at the beach, pool, resort, patio, and even over a park bench or playground area.

Come to us for the shade canopy to cover your weekend picnic or the sail shade to protect kids on their outdoor playground. Use a cantilever structure to protect and cool cars from the harsh sunlight, or choose a triangle sail shade for a pool or aquatic center.

Our large catalog of outdoor shade canopies includes hip shades, shade sails, cantilever shades, modular shades, umbrellas, and custom shades - all to make sure you have the sun protection you need outdoors. Thanks to decades of experience in the industry, Coastal Design Concepts is able to provide the superior shade structures which you've been searching for to include in your outdoor recreational environment. We’ve worked with clients from all types of facilities, including schools, parks, zoos, museums, landscape architects, restaurants, and hotel resorts.

Our designer-quality products are available in various shapes, sizes, and styles, so whatever your needs, we have the solution for you. Search through our catalog of shade solutions for your site to learn more! Looking for more inspiration? You're in luck! Get inspired using the inspirations link at the top of the page. Contact us today to get your project started!

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